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Who & What?


Hi there, welcome to my web-presence. On this website I’ll introduce you to my practice in the digital media landscape.
I am an experienced Digital Media Designer, holding a Master degree from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in the Netherlands. From 2005-2009 I was introduced to – and got skilled in – interactive storytelling in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

After my studies I started to be active as a freelancer, making interactive educational applications for museums and companies. Over the years I started to discover my own niche in combining biofeedback technology and digital generative art. Here I invite you to explore my findings with me.

Please keep in mind that most of the projects on this website are sensory experiences through biofeedback or virtual reality applications, these can’t be properly represented by traditional web-media such as video’s and images, but I’ve tried my best.

Dagaz, my first Neuro-App for meditation practice. More info and buy here.

Demonstration of Grapheme, the Neuro-Visual-Synthesizer. More info and buy here.

First contact with Neurofeedback

After my studies in 2009 it was the time that the first consumer EEG devices came on the market. Cheap brainwave activity sensors which made it easy to program your own applications.

I decided to create my first Neuro-app called Dagaz, a meditation game in which players have the ability to create geometric figures using their minds. Dagaz was the result of research on eastern spirituality. I had the idea to represent a spiritual principle, the Mandala, in a western, modern way.

After Dagaz I created Grapheme, a particle-based physics environment that can be connected to EEG data, another tool to visualize – and give intuitive insight into – brain activity.

From the Brain to the Heart

After creating my first Neuro-Apps I was invited to work on the HeartLive project. HeartLive is a heart-rate sensor, giving access to information on Heart-Rate-Variability. Besides creating the front-end interface, we implemented Dagaz and Grapheme into the product. I used HeartLive to create several installations and performances such as BioDome, Piece for Heart and Vibrations and the AutoTelic game-prototype.

Click here for more info on HeartLive.

Piece for Heart and Vibrations, a collaboration with Gwyneth Wentink and Julien Mier.

The Biodome, a collaboration with domebuilder Jarno Burger.

AutoTelic, one of the first prototypes I made for interacting with an avatar through heart rate interaction and breathing.

Virtual worlds

In 2014 I was selected for a talent grant program by the Creative Industries Fund NL. This made it possible for me to experiment with and develop more biofeedback-driven and virtual environments.

I decided to dive deep into 3D generated worlds of sound and image influenced by the rhythm of the heart. Due to the rapid rise of VR, I was able to create 3D reactive worlds that were influenced by heart rate and breathing. These developments lead me into collaborations with very interesting companies.

Mountain View
Mountain View

Some Shaders

How and why?

Alternative audio-visual sequencing

For most of my work I conceptualize and create new types of sequencing models, where sound, visuals and interactions are woven together into an harmonic system.

I love to see how patterns in sounds can be visualized and vice-versa. I like to design in an holistic sense, so that everything in the design is interconnected.

A geometric visual sequencing model, interactable by breath interaction and biofeedback. Used in Piece for Heart and Vibrations.

Patterns, patterns everywhere

Over the years I became very interested in patterns. Patterns are present anywhere and anytime. From the petals of a flower to the geometry of a Maya calendar. Almost all of these patterns are created by rhythm through waves and frequencies. My fascination with wave-frequencies lead me to a lot of different topics to research.

Mountain View
Geometry visualized of three human vocal vowels.
Mountain View
Impression of sound/voice controlled game called NoriNori. In development with Monobanda-Play .

Keeping up with new tech

In recent years there has been a revolution in new devices. From VR helmets to biofeedback applications. With my work I try to keep up with these developments and combine things where I can, by prototyping my own technological solutions.

With the virtual entering the physical and vice-versa comes a great task that lies ahead. What will all these developments transition us into?

Custom developed biofeedback medium called Biossilator.
Mountain View
Mountain View

Dynamic virtual environments

Not only do I try to merge different media into sequencing models, but I use the same models for creation of space, geometry and animation.

Some of my virtual environments also use weather systems and lighting control to emphasise certain atmospheres.

Where are you now?

Current projects

I’m mainly engaged in long-term projects that develop over the years. At the moment I’m involved in several projects in the Netherlands, Serbia and Japan.

One of the exciting projects is Sensiks, a sauna that is being transformed into a fancy multi sensorial experience cabin. Imagine a cabin where you can fine-tune your sensory experience and environment, from a beach experience to a mountain peak.

Mountain View
Displayed above is the Sensiks Sensory Reality cabin. Below an impression of the biofeedback and VR module which is going to be implemented in the cabin. Find more info on the future of the project on


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